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Senior Node.js Developer for Thomas Cook (Integration)

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Город: Киев
Компания: Ciklum
Место работы: Полный день
Опыт работы: От 3 до 6 лет
Тип занятости: Полная занятость

Описание вакансии21 марта 2016

On behalf of Thomas Cook, Ciklum is looking for Senior NodeJS Developer to join Kiev team on full-time basis.

As a Senior Node.js developer you will be part of digital technology team involved in designing and building backend applications that scale to millions of customers, billions of pounds in revenue and thousands of requests per millisecond.

The team is responsible for integration solutions to be used by number of internally developed applications. The work will consist mostly of writing back-end microservices which will integrate external and internal services, and the integration business logic. This can vary from internally used systems and APIs (Content, Solr, Papi, Bapi, WebRio, ...) to services used within the company (finance systems, external content systems, ...) to external partners (sending data over to partners, affiliates, ...). The micro-services are based on open-source framework, which was built internally and will need to be updated and maintained by the team.


    Designing and building backend applications that scale to millions of customers, billions of pounds in revenue and thousands of requests per millisecond Providing thought partnership with business and product owners in translating high value business ideas into beautiful and innovative software solutions Providing technical excellence and leadership on team to ensure quality first mindset, simple architecture and highest code quality Writing great software adhering to agile software engineering practices (e.g.,DRY principles, TDD, continuous integration, automated tests, etc.) Reviewing code and providing mentorship of other developers on agile team Work together with Java developers in the same team and help them to work with Node.js


    Experience designing and building large scale Node.js applications Expert in writing and deploying large scale Node.js codebases with significant experiences in building/maintaining continuous integration and deployment environments (e.g., Chef/Puppet, Jenkins, Cruise Control, etc.) Strong background in test driven development, automated testing and other software engineering best practices (e.g., performance, security, DDD, etc.) Experience in using open source technologies and eager to learn new technologies 5+ years of general programming experience Hands on experience with UML or other design methodologies Enjoys and gets energized by complex problem solving and ability to push the innovation on solutions Excellent communication skills with the ability to influence senior business, developers and IT executives on agile Qu


    Knowledge or experience in other JVM languages (Groovy, Scala, Clojure) Knowledge or experience in Functional programming Experience with client-side Java Script (e.g. Angular.js) Experience with NPM, Hapi.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Mocha/Tape/WebDriver Experience writing services oriented code (e.g. RESTful), API services Experiences developing RESTful API services (http, caching) and using both relational and non-relational data-stores (e.g., MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Riak, etc.) Experience using search engines (e.g. Apache SOLR)

About Ciklum:

Established in 2002, Ciklum is a leading Danish supplier of technical personnel and teams, software development and agile business consulting to high growth companies globally. Ciklum currently employs more than 2500 specialists in our offices and technical development centers in Ukraine and Belarus.Ciklum is recognized as CeBIT 2010 Top 20 innovative company delivering services/products for small and medium sized companies, and named the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Top 100 Global Services provider. Most recently Gartner Inc. named Ciklum as a "Cool Vendor" in its "Cool Vendors in Application Services, 2013" report.Unlike the traditional project outsourcing model, we help over 200 of our clients establish their own development centers in one of our nearshore development locations where they outsource, completely or partially, their software development. This is the equivalent of having your in-house IT specialists, but for a significantly lower cost and with less administrative nuisances.Ciklum clients can gain control over their IT processes and systems and get more value from the resources they already have. We surround each client team with knowledge sharing activities to foster a profitable and productive work environment during their entire outsourcing experience, including social events, strong infrastructure, financial and administrative support, QA and Agile, Business and DevOps consulting services.

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