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Senior Front End engineer (JS)

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Город: Киев
Компания: Logic IT Solutions
Место работы: Полный день
Опыт работы: От 3 до 6 лет
Тип занятости: Полная занятость

Описание вакансии21 апреля 2016

What does it mean for you to be a successful Senior Front End engineer?

Being highly paid and having bonuses when you show the best results?

Work on challenging projects which you believe in?

Being understood and supported by management?

Get regular career promotions?

Work with people who think and behave the same you do?

Are you sure you are not missing any of this?

If yes, we are here to help you to understand your real value.

Tell us what you want and you will be heard.

To work with us you should have the following expertise:

    3+ years of web development experience. Experience in creating interactive animated Web UIs stuffed with a variety if visual effects which capable to run smooth on desktop browsers and mobile ones as well Having strong proven skills with any of JS rendering libraries like PixieJS, Famo.us, GreenSock, Velocity.js, Transit,js or any other Experience in optimizing HMTL/CSS/JavaScript to address performance issues on mobile platforms Experience in building RIA with EmberJS/AngularJS/ReactJS and developing hybrid apps (Ionic framework/Cordova/PhoneGAP/ReactNative) would be a plus Good understanding of UI principles: design, UX, usability are expected.

As front-end developer you'll be responsible for:

    Development of customized complex-behavioral UIs for web-sites and hybrid mobile apps. Take justified technical decisions during product implementation Collaborate within team on technical risks and technical solutions Take core part in the product development Take part in the team process: code review, unit testing, technical design

We also expect that you are self-driven person, with a get things done approach, who able to work in a multitasking mode, with a good presentation skills, positive and result-oriented attitude.

We are using:

Scrum, Lean Startup, TDD, Continuous Integration, git-flow

About our projects:

1) Secure messaging mobile client, allows to create private network of communication where messages between users are sent over encrypted network channel. The client is not advertised and distributed privately, thus raising level of security.

More details http://massajor.com/

2) Our system is a combination of hardware and software solutions that results in possibility to track hits impact by zones. Technically it consist of costume with sensors analysing hits impact by zones (hands, legs, body, head) and software that provide moderator real time control over it and records of hits for analysis.

More details http://hitsystem.co/technology

3) Other hybrid mobile applications developed with Cordova, EmberJS, ReactNative, Flutter.io

4) One more our project is visual effective service to make customer's personal photos look much more professional with the customer wishes in one click.

What's in it for you?

Great opportunity to develop in a strong professional environment

Interesting and challenging projects

Chance to be a mentor and career growth opportunities

High salary and bonuses

Flexible working schedule. We respect your personal time. So you can start any time till 11 a.m. and finish accordingly till 8 p.m.

Business trips abroad (USA, Europe...)

Paid vacation and sick leave

Friendly atmosphere and corporate events

Comfortable office close to metro station (metro station Lukianivska, Maidan Nezalezhosti, Zoloti Vorota)

Today you have a chance. Don't miss it! :)

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