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Ruby On Rails Developer

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Город: Харьков
Компания: ITBursa
Место работы: Гибкий график
Опыт работы: От 1 года до 3 лет
Тип занятости: Полная занятость
Всего вакансий в городе: 468
Активных вакансий: 81
Минимальный заработок: 10 000 руб.
Средний заработок: 17 500 руб.
Максимальный заработок: 25 000 руб.
Статистика от 21.01.2018

Описание вакансии22 июня 2015

Do you wanna start new challenging Ruby on Rails project and lead it to success release? We are looking for a highly motivated and skillful Middle Ruby on Rails Software Engineer for the creation and implementation of a wide variety of web applications. We guarantee exciting work and fast career and professional growth.

If you are experienced Middle Ruby on Rails Software Engineer you have to join our team.


    Development of projects Create and maintain architecture for high-loaded system Lead by example Manage and mentor junior team members Constantly learn new technologies and obsess about ways make things faster and cleaner


    Experience in RoR for 1,5 +years and/or Experience in real IT projects from 1+ years on other languages (Java, Python, .Net, PHP) Cross-functional. You should be at least comfortable with both server-side and client-side work. Knows his or her way around Rails but also any or all of the following: Git, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, node.js, AWS, EC2, Unix, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQ, NoSQL, Jira/Redmine Demonstrated familiarity & application of open-source tools. Being a project maintainer is a big sell. Linux XP A great sense of humor is a plus. Has existing open-source contributions under his or her belt is a plus. English intermediate level and higher.

For this you will get

    Competitive salary (1k-2.5k) & bonus system A truly flexible working schedule You'll be able to improve their skills in our courses Have free and healthy dinner into the office

Have fun with us!

    An unforgettable corporate events

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