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PHP/Web Developer

Данная вакансия устарела и скорее всего уже не актуальна. Вы наверное попали к нам с поисковой системы, если Вас интересуют вакансии для веб-разработчиков, то Вы можете воспользоваться поиском по нашему сайту.

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Город: Киев
Компания: Резюм Геймс
Место работы: Гибкий график
Опыт работы: От 1 года до 3 лет
Тип занятости: Полная занятость

Описание вакансии17 февраля 2016

About the role:Resume Games, company working in gaming industry looking for Full-Stack Web Developer with server side expertise in PHP.Independent self-learner with ability to read other people's code, make amends and refactor it based on the industry standards.

Required skills:- PHP expert knowledge with deep OOP understanding. Understanding the difference (speed) in performing one task in several ways- Good knowledge of at least one PHP framework Yii, Kohana, ZEND etc.- MySQL good knowledge in writing complex queries. Using Views and Temporary tables, profiling slow queries and optimizing them, understanding difference between MySQL Join and between storage engines- Solid knowledge of JavaScript (knowledge of jQuery library. Understanding of other widget libraries (ex. React) is an advantage- Good knowledge of HTML and its semantics. It's crucial to understand which tags were deprecated, how and where to use newly introduced tags like <article> and <section>. Working experience in LESS is an advantage- Solid knowledge of CSS. Ability to write reusable components in a cross-browser manner, must understand which features were introduces in CSS3. Ability to create responsive layouts by applying styles to correct media-queries

Secondary (advantage) skills:- UNIX environment expertise. Working experience in console- Working experience in Node.js- Working experience in GIT and SVN- Working experience in eCommerce platforms (BigCommerce, OpenCart, Shopify, Magento, ZenCart)- Working experience with payment systems/gateways is an advantage.

We offer:- Competitive compensation based on experience and skills with currency rate correction- Paid vacation, holidays and sick leave- Friendly working environment and comfortable fully-equipped workplace- Convenient and comfortable office with location on the left side of the river- Free English classes

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