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JavaScript Developer

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Город: Минск
Компания: Motili
Место работы: Удаленная работа
Опыт работы: От 3 до 6 лет
Тип занятости: Полная занятость
Всего вакансий в городе: 1362
Активных вакансий: 232
Минимальный заработок: 20 000 руб.
Средний заработок: 43 214 руб.
Максимальный заработок: 85 000 руб.
Статистика от 18.09.2017

Описание вакансии1 марта 2016


    Working with the biggest names in residential and commercial property management, our company manages the entire workflow for repair and replacement, from selecting the right contractor for the job, to ordering and delivering equipment, through job completion and invoicing. Must be diligent, focused and self motivated. If you love to push yourself and learn new technology - this is for you!

Job Description

    Become a key part of the team building our industry-changing web application. Do you like to voice your opinion and own the development process? Perfect. As a software developer, you will work with our senior developers to set the technical direction of the team. You also need to be a responsible, energetic individual interested in creating first-class software in a fast paced environment.

Skills & Requirements

    At least 3+ years full-stack web development experience At least 3+ years of JavaScript. We’re not talking 3 years of jQuery, we expect you to know and understand core JS as well as a library or two. Strong understanding of modern web development techniques and object oriented programming Experience with a modern JavaScript framework (AngularJs and React are our favorites, but Knockout, Backbone, etc are okay too) Knowledge and understanding of Node.js (Express, Loopback, etc) is highly beneficial Knowing your way around Azure, AWS, or another distributed infrastructure provider wouldn't hurt iOS/mobile experience is not required (but would be the icing on the cake!)

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