Front End Web Developer (Senior)

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Город: Киев
Компания: Fresh Cash Team
Место работы: Полный день
Опыт работы: Нет опыта
Тип занятости: Полная занятость

Описание вакансии31 декабря 2015

Front End Web Developer(Senior)


    Strong knowledges of Javascript; Ability correctly work with jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, Backbone and another fe-frameworks on senior level; Ability correctly to work with cascading style sheets. Compiled (CSS) or preprocessors SASS (SCSS); Understanding the principles of layout (the principle of formation of PSD-layout, dimensions, grid, etc.); Know the rules of adaptive layout, and know how make up; Software Design knowledge: OOD, SoA, Design patterns; Working with git; Experience over 4 years; Experience with node.js will be a big plus;


    HTML5; CSS3; JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap; JSON;


    Cross browser make up; Scripting; Developing unit/integration tests;

Conditions:• Our spacious office is located near the M. Petrovka• Opening hours Mon-Fri 10: 00-19: 00• We are working on the best equipment in the world, namely on your iMac• We have exciting challenges and space for their decisions• Table football and worthy contenders are guaranteed• Our morning begins with the best coffee and lunch, takes place outside the office that pays the company.

Местоположение офиса

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