Software Engineer/JavaScript

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Syncordia Technologies and Healthcare Solutions Ireland Ltd.

Компания: Syncordia Technologies and Healthcare Solutions Ireland Ltd.
Место работы: Удаленная работа
Опыт работы: От 3 до 6 лет
Тип занятости: Полная занятость

Описание вакансии19 мая 2016

Software Engineer — JavaScript (Remote)


Software Engineer — JavaScript developer works on the front-end of the cloud-based Web healthcare software solutions. This position requires strong web software development skills. The work includes development of a new front-end applications using TypeScript/Angular2 on top of the Scala/Spray back-end.


    Implement a complete front-end applications in TypeScript/Angular2 JavaScript using HTML5 and CSS3. Plan, develop and maintain web software solutions for healthcare. Actively participate in software projects through the entire software development lifecycle, including requirements analysis, documentation, development, engineering testing and maintenance. Collaborate with the UX designer on front-end graphical and interaction design. Work closely with DevOps on software deployment and bug fixes. Provide effective and consistent communication to peers and management about project tasks and bugs status. Use most effective software tools and techniques. Produce compelling and reasonably bug-free software. Perform other similar or related duties as necessary.


    5+ years of software development experience, with the emphasis on large scale Web applications development. 2+ years of front-end applications development with the emphasis on SPA’s. General knowledge and experience with software architectures, components, patterns and frameworks. Expert knowledge of TypeScript, JavaScript (including ES6), Angular, HTML5 (including WebSockets) and CSS3. Experience with other JavaScript MV* frameworks (Backbone, Ember, Knockout or similar). Experience with node.js and build automation tools (Gulp, Grunt). Experience with Bootstrap, Semantic-UI or Foundation. Experience with unit and e2e testing frameworks. Experience with SCM, CI, task and bug tracking software, GitHub and git preferred. Production-level experience with hosted systems and clouds, Amazon preferred. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field. Strong grasp of modern web technologies and platforms. Solid communication skills.


    Experience with dynamic module loaders (require.js, system.js, browserify). Experience with rx.js and lodash/underscore.js. Knowledge and experience working with web media: graphics (Canvas, SVG), audio, video. Knowledge of modern chart libraries, ideally deep understanding of D3.js Knowledge of animations using HTML5 and CSS3. Experience in designing responsive layouts for various devices, including mobile. Knowledge of optimization techniques for mobile platforms. Experience with .NET or Ruby on Rails. Knowledge and understanding of Scala and Spray framework or desire to learn them. Open source development contribution is a plus.

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